Dispatch from Ukraine – Ilvy Njiokiktjien

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Soldier Volodimir (20) holds the hand of his girlfriend Tanya (21) while saying goodbye at the train station in Lviv, Ukraine on March 15,2022. He is leaving for Kramatorks, to fight in the war between Ukraine and Russia. Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Photo by Ilvy Njiokiktjien / VII.

I went to Lviv, Ukraine on March 11 to report on how the war was impacting everyday life in that city. In this audio dispatch, I describe how I’ve been working in Lviv, and talk about my personal project documenting the LGBTQi community in the city.

Maksym Pustovoit (41, l) and his boyfriend Timyr Tolchin (31, r) are both from Kyiv. They closed the door to their apartment on February 26, 2022. Timyr: 'I don't want to live here if Russia would win, but they won't. There would be no life for us if they would.' Photo by Ilvy Njiokiktjien / VII.