Basic Business Skills for Freelance Photographers, Part Two

Virtual event


August 31, 2021
11:00–12:15PM EDT

Join VII Insider
By erikfreitasmedia, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

In this two part webinar series (the first is on 24 August), visual story editor Marc Prüst will set out the basics for starting and running a freelance photography practice.

While photographers want to pursue their passion, the market for photography is challenging and building a sustainable practice requires certain business skills.

Marc will show what the market looks like for different photographic practices, how to analyse and approach various players within the market, and how to enter the market successfully. Marc will present the basics of branding and marketing and show how individual photographers can deploy these techniques to support their creative practice.

Part two:
– The market
– Applying your brand
– Personal projects

Marc Prüst

Marc Prüst is a visual story editor and photography curator, based in Amsterdam. He has developed a method for creating photographic projects that enables photographers to develop their concepts, prepare the shoots, and edit and market their work.
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