Book Club – Anush Babajanyan, The House of Culture

Virtual event


October 19, 2021
10:00–11:00AM EDT

Join VII Insider
House of Culture in Gusana village, Armenia. Photo: Anush Babajanyan/VII The House of Culture is a journey through the inner lives of Soviet era Culture Houses in villages of Armenia. These places that carry the memory of performance, are left to decay eventually and slowly. This is what an insider becomes aware of. The House of Culture project intends to bring together the connection of the human and the houses themselves.

Please join Anush Babajanyan in conversation with Ziyah Gafic for a VII Insider Book Club discussion of her handmade book The House of Culture

Anush photographed the House of Culture series in Armenian villages, in locations where performances, theatre, art classes took place years ago. Many of these houses do not function anymore yet have not been removed. Anush photographed Houses of Culture to bring together the connection of the human and the houses themselves, to speak about the past through her present emotions. The process of photography was also a meditative experience for her at a turbulent time in her life.

Anush has brought the project together in a handmade book, which she will present during this event. In addition to the images and the story itself, Anush will speak about the process of binding the book.

Ziyah Gafic

, Sarajevo

Ziyah Gafic (1980) is an award-winning photojournalist and videographer based in Sarajevo focusing on societies locked in a perpetual cycle of violence and Muslim communities around the world. He covered major stories in over 50 countries.

Anush Babajanyan

, Yerevan
Armenian photographer Anush Babajanyan focuses her work on social narratives and personal stories. In addition to working extensively in the Caucasus, she photographs in Central Asia and around the world.
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