Creating Visual Narratives, with Mike Davis

Virtual event


February 7, 2023
16:00–17:15PM EST


In this event, we speak with Mike Davis about creating visual narratives. Mike is one of the professions leaders and has worked with hundreds of photographers independently and on journalistic, editorial, and communications teams. Mike’s skill is in helping photographers define, refine and expand their capabilities. He has brought together his experience and knowledge in a new book – Creating Visual Narratives Through Photography: A Fresh Approach to Making a Living as a Photographerand we will be discussing how photographers can craft more compelling photos from concept all the way through to creation and distribution.

Mike’s book is available from Routledge and if purchased directly you can get a 20% discount by entering the code FLA22 at checkout (this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount and only applies to books purchased directly via the Routledge website).



Mike Davis

Mike Davis is a visual storytelling consultant, editor, and author. He created and taught visual storytelling and editing courses at Syracuse University and directed The Alexia Grants for eight years. He was twice named picture editor of the year. Mike has edited more than 40 books, judged many competitions, taught at a range of workshops, and been a reviewer widely.
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