Kris Graves – 1492/1619 American Aftermaths

Virtual event


October 21, 2021
10:00–11:00AM EDT

Join VII Insider

This event is a conversation between 2021 Aftermath Project grant winner Kris Graves and Aftermath Project founder, and VII photographer, Sara Terry.

Their talk will focus on Kris’ grant-winning project, Privileged Mediocrity and the Deceived Within. Kris will show images he made during his grant year, as he explores systematic unfairness in America – and talks with Sara about his critique of the ways racism, capitalism and power have shaped the U.S.

They will both share ideas about what goes into writing an American Aftermath grant proposal, and the kinds of projects that might be a good fit for the grant. Sara will also talk about the judging process and what judges look for.

The event will conclude with an audience Q&A session.

Kris Graves

Kris Graves (b. 1982 New York, NY) is an artist and publisher based in New York and California. Kris creates artwork that deals with societal problems and aims to use art as a means to inform people about cultural issues. He also works to elevate the representation of people of color in the fine art canon, and to create opportunities for conversation about race, representation, and urban life.

Sara Terry

, Los Angeles
Sara Terry is an award-winning documentary photographer and filmmaker known for her work covering post-conflict stories, and a 2012 Guggenheim Fellow for her long-term project, “Forgiveness and Conflict: Lessons from Africa.” Her first long-term post-conflict work, “Aftermath: Bosnia’s Long Road to Peace,” led her to found The Aftermath Project in 2003 on the premise that “War is Only Half the Story.”
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