Newspaper Club – Ali Arkady and Eric Bouvet

Virtual event


July 26, 2022
12:00–13:15PM EDT

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In this “Newspaper Club” event – a special episode of our Book Club series hosted by Ziyah Gafic – we will look at two recent examples of photographer’s newspapers: Ali Arkady’s “Strappado” project on Iraq 2016 and Eric Bouvet’s Ukraine journal 2022. 

In addition to the stories of Iraq and Ukraine presented in the newspapers, we will discuss why Ali and Eric opted for newspapers to showcase their work and how they produced them.

This event was recorded and you can watch the video here



Eric Bouvet

, Paris
Eric Bouvet (born 1961) began his photographic career in 1981 after studying art and graphic industries in Paris. His interest in photography was sparked when, at the age of 8, he watched the first live television images of the Apollo 11 mission landing on the moon. It was then that he realized the importance of news and historic moments, not to mention capturing them on film. Bouvet worked as a staff photographer at the French photo agency Gamma during the 1980s and launched his freelance career in 1990.
Ali Arkady

Ali Arkady

, Paris
Ali Arkady (b. 1982) is an artist, photographer, and filmmaker from Iraq. In 2009, Ali joined Metrography, the first Iraqi photo agency, and in 2014, he joined VII Photo Agency as part of the VII Mentor Program. In 2017, Ali had to flee Iraq with his family when his life was threatened after photographing Iraqi armed forces committing war crimes. He sought refuge in Europe, where he was granted asylum and has subsequently built a new life.

Ziyah Gafic

, Sarajevo

Ziyah Gafic (1980) is an award-winning photojournalist and videographer based in Sarajevo focusing on societies locked in a perpetual cycle of violence and Muslim communities around the world. He covered major stories in over 50 countries.

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