Photographing the Sudanese Revolution: A Discussion With Duha Mohammed, Saad Eltinay, and Muhammed Salah

Virtual event


September 30, 2021
10:00–11:15AM EDT

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A protester wearing a shirt saying, "A revolutionary from Kalakla, one fall, that's it" stands on Khartoum’s main railway line, which was part of the sit-in zone at army headquarters. Khartoum, 13 April 2019. Photo: Muhammad Salah

In April 2019, after thirty years of military dictatorship, theocracy, and years of civil war, the people of Sudan brought down Omar al-Bashir, the man who imposed an unchallenged reign upon them, starting with his coup d’état in 1989. Sudan’s popular uprising began in December 2018. For five months, risking arrest and torture by the regime’s police, the Sudanese people took to the streets by the thousands.

Driven by the will to document resistance and repression, a new generation of photographers emerged. These artists, aged between 19 and 30, broadcast their photos through social networks. They were both actors and observers of this historical moment.

In this event, Duha Mohammed, Saad Eltinay, and Muhammed Salah discuss photography in Sudan, how they pictured the revolution, and what comes next.

Saad Eltinay

Saad Eltinay is a Sudanese photographer based in Khartoum. Saad graduated as a software engineer in 2018 and has been exercising his passion for visuals, in particular photography, since 2012. Using the practice as a refuge occasionally and a method for self-expression, Saad’s observational approach in creating visuals is inspired by an interest in nuances of human emotion.

Muhammed Salah

Muhammad Salah is a Sudanese photographer and a visual storyteller based between Berlin and Khartoum, Sudan. His work explores identity, sexuality, memory, freedom, distance, healing, and the spaces in between.

Duha Mohammed

Born in Omdurman, Sudan, Duha Mohammed lives and works in Bahri, Sudan. Duha first discovered her love for photography when she realized that she would rather show you than tell you. Duha is an industrial designer who finds solace in visual arts and thinks practicing it is a journey of life and self-exploration.
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