Towards an agenda for ethics in documentary photography

Virtual event


December 7, 2021
10:00–11:15AM EST

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A woman in burqa walks past a store that projects laser beams in an underpass in Kabul, Afghanistan. February, 2012. Photo: Seamus Murphy/VII

When we think about ethics in documentary photography, what are the most important issues? What would a comprehensive and inclusive ethical agenda include? How should these topics be addressed? 

In this event, Savannah Dodd, the founder of the Photography Ethics Centre, will be in conversation with David Campbell. This conversation will start to set out the landscape of ethics. Rather than give answers, it will focus on the critical ethos necessary for an ethical discussion. This conversation will be the first of a discussion series to be held throughout the next year that will delve deeper into the agenda as it takes shape.

This is also an event to which you can contribute in advance. If you have issues or questions you think should be considered as part of an agenda for ethics, please send your thoughts to Savannah ([email protected]) and David ([email protected]).

Savannah Dodd

Savannah Dodd is the founder and director of the Photography Ethics Centre. She is responsible for designing and delivering workshops, lectures, and other educational content. She has worked with international audiences from a wide range of sectors including media, academia, and international development. Savannah’s background is in anthropology. She earned her master’s in anthropology and sociology at the Graduate Institute of International Development Studies in Geneva (2015) and her bachelor’s in anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis (2012). She is currently pursuing her PhD in anthropology at Queen’s University Belfast where she is examining the ethics of archiving photographs in post-conflict societies. Prior to founding the Centre, she worked in the international development sector for NGOs and IGOs in Switzerland, Uganda, and Thailand. Alongside her work with the Centre, Savannah maintains her own photography practice.

David Campbell

David Campbell is the Managing Editor of VII Insider and a project consultant with The VII Foundation. David is an internationally-experienced, globally-minded communications, media and politics professional with a uniquely varied history of strategy, management, analysis and writing within government, academia, and non-government organizations (NGOs).
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